“5 Things” Web Chats

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Date Web chat link Description Website
24-Mar-20 Graham Christian Caller (English), researcher, writer  
31-Mar-20 Joanna Reiner Caller (English)  
7-Apr-20 Kalia Kliban Caller (English and Contra), dance writer Link
14-Apr-20 Rebecca King Pianist (English and Contra) and composer Link
18-Apr-20 Cécile Laye French teacher of English dance Link
21-Apr-20 Kate Barnes Multi-instrumentalist (English and Contra), composer, publisher Link
28-Apr-20 Sharon Green Organizer, caller (English), dance composer Link
5-May-20 Bruce Hamilton Caller (English), Scottish teacher, thought-provoking speaker  
12-May-20 Brooke Friendly Caller (English), dance writer Link
16-May-20 Susan de Guardiola Historical Dance teacher and researcher Link
19-May-20 Orly Krasner Caller (English), dance writer, tune composer, academic  
26-May-20 David Millstone Caller (English), videographer, writer, Past CDSS President Link
2-Jun-20 Scott Higgs Caller (English and Contra), dance writer Link
9-Jun-20 Jenna Simpson Caller (English), dance writer  
16-Jun-20 Brad Foster CDSS Executive & Artistic Director 1983-2011  
23-Jun-20 Katy German CDSS Executive Director 2017-  
30-Jun-20 James Hutson Caller and dance writer (English & Contra)  
7-Jul-20 Paul Ross Caller (English), videographer, organizer Link
14-Jul-20 Dave Wiesler Pianist and Composer (English, Contra and Scottish) Link
18-Jul-20 Colin Hume Caller (English, Contra, Square…), dance writer, composer, researcher Link
21-Jul-20 Brooke Friendly Special theme: Global Terminology / Positional Calling Link
28-Jul-20 Bridget Whitehead Caller and organizer  
4-Aug-20 Beverly Francis Caller (English)  
11-Aug-20 Gary Roodman Dance writer Link
15-Aug-20 Allison Thompson Historian, dance writer, musician, blogger Link
18-Aug-20 Olivia Barry Caller (English, Contra, Irish), organizer, researcher Link
25-Aug-20 Shira Kammen Musician, composer Link
1-Sep-20 Anna Rain Caller (English & Contra), musician  
8-Sep-20 Chip Prince Musician (English & Contra)  
15-Sep-20 Louise Siddons Caller (English & Contra), Organizer  
19-Sep-20 Paul Cooper Researcher (Regency) Link
22-Sep-20 Lisa Greenleaf Caller (English, Contra, Squares)  
6-Oct-20 Susan Kevra and
Rachel Bell
Caller (Susan) and musicians (both) for English and Contra Link
13-Oct-20 Gene Murrow Caller, Musician and Producer (English)  
17-Oct-20 Walter Nelson Organizer and Lecturer (Historical)  
20-Oct-20 David Smukler Caller and dance writer (English, Contra and Square)  
27-Oct-20 Martha Griffin Caller and Choreographer (English)  
3-Nov-20 Many guests    
10-Nov-20 Jonathan Jensen Musician and Composer Link
17-Nov-20 Jenny Beer Caller and Choreographer (English)  
24-Nov-20 Chris Sackett Caller, Composer and Choreographer (English)  
1-Dec-20 Dave Wiesler "Exploring Dance Tunes" Link
8-Dec-20 Heather Clarke Researcher and Dancer Link
15-Dec-20 Alan Winston Caller, choreographer and dance organizer Link
22-Dec-20 Darlene Hamilton Caller and multi-talented organizer  
5-Jan-21 Danny Walkowitz Dancer and professional Historian
Special New Year Bonus: Link for the After-talk.
12-Jan-21 Wayne Hankin Multi-instrumentalist (also Cirque du Soleil), inventor of the Jubo (see link). Link
19-Jan-21 Gaye Fifer Caller (English and Contra) Link
26-Jan-21 Elizabeth Goossen Caller (English), choreographer (& Scottish), composer, musician, organizer  
2-Feb-21 Barbara Finney Caller and Teacher (English), Organizer  
9-Feb-21 Jeff Spero Pianist, caller and choreographer (Contra) Link
16-Feb-21 Alex Cumming Traditional singer, musician (accordion & piano), and caller Link
20-Feb-21 Nicolas Broadbridge Caller and Teacher (English), accordionist, researcher, composer, choreographer Link
23-Feb-21 Karen Axelrod Musician (English and Contra) Link
2-Mar-21 Alisa Dodson Caller and dance writer (English)  
9-Mar-21 Jacqueline Schwab Pianist and caller (English) Link
16-Mar-21 Dan Blim Caller  
20-Mar-21 Paul Hutchinson Accordionist in any style you'd like to name Link
23-Mar-21 Graham Christian Caller (English), researcher, writer  
30-Mar-21 Audrey Knuth Musician (Contra) Link
6-Apr-21 Jim Morrison Musician, caller, researcher, former Director of CDSS Link
13-Apr-21 Mary Devlin Caller (English and Contra), Choreographer, former CDSS Presidemt Link
20-Apr-21 Rosemary Lach Caller (English and Contra), and Organizer Link
27-Apr-21 Dave Bartley Musician (English and Contra), Composer Link
4-May-21 Philippe Callens A tribute to the renowned caller, teacher, and choreographer  
11-May-21 Barbara Greenberg Musician (English and Contra)  
18-May-21 Frederick Park Caller (English, Contra, Square, and Folk), teacher, choreographer, organizer, storyteller  
25-May-21 Nikki Herbst Teacher (English and Contra) and Organizer Link
1-Jun-21 Bob Green Caller, choreographer, videographer Link
8-Jun-21 Val Medve Caller (English), teacher, organizer, and choreographer Link
15-Jun-21 Various directors Behind the scenes at dance camp  
19-Jun-21 Alex Cummings In conjunction with Hey Days Dance Camp Link
22-Jun-21 Our Online Pioneers Creating new opportunties for us to share and experience the joy of music, dance, and song!  
29-Jun-21 Our 5 Things Team The stories of some of the folks behind the scenes who made it all happen